"Silver Cruz restored my faith in the world of web design.

From our very first meeting Silver listened attentively to our specific needs. Within hours he had outlined what our project would require not only from him, but from us as well. He continued to work patiently with us as we learned this new world of internet sales. He is a very detail oriented person and throughout our project he addressed every minute issue with ease, and a calm professional attitude. Silver went above and beyond what was expected of him, he continued to make our site better and easier for us to manipulate ourselves.

My favorite thing about working with Silver is that he actually thanked me for the opportunity to learn new programs and build on his already vast programming knowledge! He thrives on a challenge. He is humble and brilliant, a true gem...I would recommend him highly to any one in web design need."

Sarah Canizzaro
Kojima Company

"Silver Cruz is everything you would want in web designer: understanding, creative, and professional.

As a business owner, I had a vision of what I wanted for our website. That being said, I am not a designer and have zero grasp on the technical jargon. With Silver, I was able to riff my creative ideas off of him and his open ears. When I finally finished spilling my thoughts everywhere, SIlver calmly presented various ways to materialize my thoughts into virtual reality.

As an excellent listener, Silver really took in where I was coming from. He then used his creative gift to manifest those concepts. His grasp of the computer design medium allowed us to expand upon all my ideas into ways I knew not possible. The site was what I imagined and
then some.

As a professional, Silver set up a timeline and met every deadline. He worked with my hectic schedule to get the job done. He presented various options and their relative price, never pressuring me- just showing me what was capable. I have been working with Silver for
months, adding new features to my site as time and money has allowed, his patience ever-enduring.

The amazing thing about Silver is that he saw the potential of where my site could go and what it could do to promote and help my business a long time ago. Just as I can't thank him enough, I can't recommend him as a designer enough. He is the complete package."

Joseph Quinn

Real People Pilates

"Silver is the absolute best.  He understood and replicated exactly what I wanted.  The final product was a snapshot from my imagination.  I can't believe how easy he is to work with and the artistic ability that he possesses.  This is the first time that I conducted business with Silver, but it's definitely not going to be the last.  I would highly recommend Silver to all my business associates and friends.  Feel free to contact me with any other questions at tduffy@anteuplacrosse.com."

Tim Duffy
CEO Ante-Up Lacrosse


"I'm happy to recommend Silver Cruz, both for his design work and for his website work. He has put together two publisher's websites, one for language-learning products (www.cpli.net), the other for a book of photographs of Berkeley (www.berkeleyoneandonly.com). He designed the latter beautifully (the former was designed by someone else). Silver also has designed two extremely impressive brochures for software programs--one for learners of English (ESL), the other for students of Spanish. He is easy to work with and amenable to making corrections when necessary. If you have questions, feel free to call me at 510-524-1191."

Contee Seely

"Silver is great to work with. He listened to my ideas and added his own until we came out with what fit the best for my band's website. Most of all, he is professional in how he follows up, updates changes and makes sure the project moves along in as timely a manner as possible. Thanks, Silver!" 

Patricio Angulo

"Working with Silver was a great pleasure. The way he listened made me feel free to express exactly what I wanted to see on my website. The final product was everything I wanted plus the extra frills that only the artistic designer's eye could have added. I will definitely work with him again and he gets my highest recomendation to all my friends."

Esak Garcia

"Silver is great to work with because he works with his clients, not for them. He created an original image for me through a combination of his creativity and my requests. My favorite part about working with Silver is the pride he takes in constructing the perfect piece while considering his client's needs. He even helped me hang my sign!"

Dana Jackson
Personal Trainer

"I have been friends with Silver for 4 years, and I am continually impressed with his growing talent as a Graphic Designer and Web Master. He works quickly, efficiently, makes excellent suggestions, yet he knows when to let the client's creativity take precedence. I recommend Silver without reservation."

David Quatro
Dancer & Mechanical Engineer

"We have recieved so many compliments on our wedsite! The colors are so brilliant and really suites the theme of our music. But what's most important for me is the maintenance of the site. Silver has made it really user friendly. Silver provides excellent customer service and quick follow up to my questions and concerns. I feel fortunate to have found such an awesome web designer-master."

Tito Gonzalez

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